Sprycel Redesign 

Communication challenge: Most drug information leaflets contain too much information, in too small of a font, and are difficult to navigate. This sprycel redesign takes a patient centered approach to organizing and communicating the relevant information, without overburdening the patient.

Project goals:

1. Organize information in a way that will allow patients to quickly find what they're looking for.

2. Present information in plain language and use iconography and visualization where possible to reduce cognitive load.

3. Design with the needs of the average chronic myeloid leukemia patient in mind.


Finding a solution.

The communication challenges of this project were addressed by asking several important questions and finding the answers. What information in the leaflet is necessary for patients? Who is the average sprycel user? Will sprycel users have impaired visual acuity as a result age, disease, or medication? Are there any legal requirements regarding which information needs to be in these leaflets? The answers to these questions were found through a lot of research and iteration.