Dani Sayeau

Dani Sayeau

Biomedical Visualization & Information Design




Masters Research Project


The Problem:

A key challenge in anatomy education is the understanding of complex spatial relationships between structures. Many students who underperform on practical anatomy examinations are found to have low visuospatial ability (Hegarty 2010, Rochford 1985). Though there has been a large volume of research conducted examining computer based 3D anatomical models, there is still no clear consensus as to how we can best adapt interactive 3D platforms to work with our cognitive architecture rather than against it. There’s still much to learn about the role inherent spatial ability plays in the use digital anatomical models, and why these differences have the effect they do on students performance in anatomy learning. Further investigation into these areas in order to establish guidelines for the creation of effective computer based 3D anatomy applications is necessary, especially as the use of these applications in supplement to anatomy curricula becomes increasingly prevalent.

This project’s goal is to understand how students learn visuospatial information, in order to establish design criteria for educational 3D anatomy applications. In developing these criteria we will be able to build new applications that contribute to students understanding of spatial anatomy, even in the case of low spatial learners.

The Solution:

1. Conduct a research study examining how students of various visuospatial ability approach understanding cardiac anatomy when given a physical anatomical model as a study aid.

2. Development of a web based e-learning module to help undergraduate anatomy students learn cardiac anatomy.




Illustrator, Designer, & Storyteller


Using Vision to Think.

Often we use sight as a metaphor for understanding, think of the expression "I see what you mean". Visualization allows us to see what the creator means, and has the power to make the most complex subjects digestible. In visualizing information we can reveal patterns, gain new insights, and, better communicate. 

As a curious person, my interest lies in understanding and demonstrating information in an accessible way. Visualization is a powerful tool for solving communications problems; Illustration, Interactive media, Data Visualization, and, Animation are the tools I use to find solutions to these challenges. 

 I want to visualize medical and scientific topics in an informative, and compelling way. I believe that visualization has the power to inspire curiosity,  drive empathy, and most importantly, educate.

If you have a communication problem, lets find a solution.

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